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The viewpoint at Porto Timoni.

42 Things To Do In Corfu

Make the most of your trip to Corfu with our ultimate guide.

Home-made crunchy granola clusters

Crunchy Granola Clusters Recipe

The healthy breakfast that you can make anywhere in the world.

Paleokastritsa Beach from above

Travel Destinations

Got a destination in mind? We’ve got all the things you need to see, the buses you need to catch, and the foods you have to try.

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World Recipes

Stuck at home but itching for the taste of travel? We have a mouth-watering selection of recipes sourced from local chefs all over the world.

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Turkish Simit Recipe

If you’ve been wondering how to make simit ever since you trip to Turkey, this simit recipe is exactly what you need…

Turkish Pide Recipe

This Turkish pide recipe is super easy to make! It’ll have you baking homemade Turkish pizzas whenever you feel the desire! The toppings are up to you…

Easy Baklava Recipe

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious easy baklava recipe. This classic Middle Eastern dessert is perfect for any occasions.

Sailing down the Amazon river

Travel Stories

Rather sit back and read about our crazy adventures? From stumbling across dinosaur footprints in the Bolivian Andes to eating out-of-date bugs in Thailand, adventure flows in our blood.

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The Visa Runs

Being sick is never fun. But being sick alone in a hole-in-the-floor toilet in a country that most people have never even heard of… well, that’s considerably less fun.

Old Perithia, Corfu: A Complete Guide

Old Perithia, a.k.a the Ghost Village of Corfu, was abandoned in the 1960s. Since then, the buildings fell into disrepair. You can wander the streets of the oldest village in Corfu, seeing it exactly how it was more than half a century ago.


Wondering how to conquer your inner demons and be bold enough to take the plunge? We’re not experts, but there is a method to our (no)madness.

Yoga on the beach
Hiking to Valbona, Albania

Travel Essentials

There are certain things that make travelling easy. From backpacks to clothes, accommodation to flights, cameras to laptops, we round up everything you need to make your trip as smooth as possible, no matter how long you’re on the road.

Matt and Yelena at the viewpoint over Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia

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