Christmas Food

We love Christmas, but more than Christmas we love the build up to it. All the music, lights, smells, and of course, traditional Christmas food. What can be better than comforting Christmas cookies or warming mulled wine. We are going to share our favourites and hope that you will find inspiration for your Christmas table.

In my family, we have a feast on Christmas. There are always three or more salads, including Russian salad-olivie and Ukranian dressed herring (also this salad can be called “herring under fur coat”), and two mains, usually beshbarmak or pelmeny accompanied with a couple of side dishes. I am not joking, the food never gets finished at the first attempt. Not even the second. I always have a debate with my mom, trying to convince her not to cook too much, but she always says it’s not enough. She spends two full days in the kitchen before Christmas! At least it’s warm in there – outside it’s freezing!

I know Matt’s family in England always have Turkey on Christmas Day, and everybody has to have sprouts for the only day of the year. There’s usually pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and gravy too. What does your traditional Christmas food look like? Let us know your favourite Christmas recipes in the comments we are always looking for something new!

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