Greek Food

Greek food needs no introduction. Souvlaki to kleftiko, pastitsada to stifado, moussaka to baklava, learn the recipes to your favourite Greek dish and start cooking them wherever you are in the world!

While there’s some debate, particularly between Greek and Turkish cuisine, about which country came up with which recipe first, there’s no denying that each nation adds their own twist to recipes. The Greek versions can be found here!

Our Greek food recipes are mostly sourced from local chefs who welcomed us into their kitchen to show us how it’s done, grandma-style. There are plenty of things you can do in Greece, but nothing stays with you more than learning a recipe that you can make over and over again, long after you’ve waved goodbye to the country.

Check out our most recent Greek food recipes

Easy Baklava Recipe

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious easy baklava recipe. This classic Middle Eastern dessert is perfect for any occasions.

Classic Greek Moussaka Recipe

This is an authentic moussaka recipe that is not only super yummy but also heathy. Several simple ingredients and this easy-to-follow recipe is all you need to create a masterpiece like Greek moussaka.

Authentic Greek Beef Stifado Recipe

Beef stifado is a Greek beef stew that is slowly cooked with lots of onions and spices. If you want to have a true taste of Corfu, this yummy beef stifado recipe will make that happen.

Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

Who knew cheesecake was so easy to make? Requiring minimal baking (or none at all if you want), you can craft the strawberry cheesecake of your dreams.

Traditional Pastitsada Recipe

Pastitsada is a traditional Greek dish that you can only find on the island of Corfu. Rich in flavour, pastitsada is famous for its tomato-based sauce and its mouth-watering slow-cooked meat.