North Macedonian Food

What’s so special about North Macedonian cuisine?

North Macedonian food isn’t exactly world famous. In fact, the country is not very well-known at all.

The name, originally Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, was changed in 2018 to end a 27 year-long dispute with neighbours, Greece. Meanwhile, the land of the nation has long been disputed, with Serbia, Greece, and Bulgaria all claiming at least partial ownership, the latter of which recently voted to block North Macedonia from joining the EU for refusing to acknowledge the shared cultural heritage and that the Macedonian language stems from Bulgarian in textbooks. Not only this, but almost 30% of the people are Albanian; in some places, like Gostivar, they almost exclusively speak in Albanian.

But the food, that’s at least North Macedonian, right?

North Macedonian Food

Well, not quite. The food is local to this region, but many of the dishes are variants of dishes that are popular all over the Balkans. As North Macedonia is such a young country, it hasn’t had time to forge its own unique identity.

Having said that, North Macedonian nationals would argue that they do have their own cuisine, and most likely that theirs is better than the other Balkan countries. Their dishes tend to take a long time to prepare and cook; they are not exactly easy recipes. But the longer they cook, the tastier they become…

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