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We like to delve head-first into the culinary culture of each country we visit. If you enjoy being in the kitchen, then prepare yourself for some of the best recipes from around the world…

Let’s Get Cooking!

We’ve travelled all over the globe, trying the local food in dozens of countries. Now it’s time to share our recipes from around the world so you can make them on the road or from the comfort of your own home!

From everyday recipes to more adventurous food, prepare for your taste buds to enter another dimension. We have melt-in-the-mouth cookies, cold weather soups like borscht, and Greek classics like moussaka and stifado.

We’ll also share the recipes of unique delicacies, but the ingredients may not be as widely accessible (especially if being cooked on the road), so we may use or recommend alternative ingredients. Madeiran-style banana fish is one example: we can’t always find maracuya to make the sauce, but we can improvise!

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Everyday Recipes

Home-made crunchy granola clusters

Easy Recipes

Not specific to any one cuisine, these easy recipes can be made with simple ingredients in under 30 minutes.

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Stretching from the food-hub of Turkey to the tantalising tastes of India, China and Thailand, Asian food has a little bit of everything.

Turkish Food

Turkish cuisine is known all over the world for its wide variety of dishes. From pide to iskender, baklava to doner, check out the best Turkish foods here.

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Latin America

From Mexican to Peruvian, Argentinian to Brazilian, Latin American food is fantastic. While it can be a little meat-heavy, it’s full of taste and variety.

tacos pastor in mexico

Mexican Food

Mexican food is popular all over the world. It needs no introduction. How does quick and easy home-made guacamole sound? What about burritos or pulled pork tacos? It’s all here…

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From the Mediterranean delights of Italy and Greece to the meat-heavy Balkans, Europe is a melting pot of cultures with delicious cuisines to suit all palates.

Greek Food

Greek cuisine has something for everyone: from moussaka to gyros, kleftiko to souvlaki, pastitsada to baklava, you can’t go wrong with Greek food recipes.

Greek Souvlaki at Big Bite, Corfu

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Classic Greek Moussaka Recipe

This is an authentic moussaka recipe that is not only super yummy but also heathy. Several simple ingredients and this easy-to-follow recipe is all you need to create a masterpiece like Greek moussaka.

Authentic Greek Beef Stifado Recipe

Beef stifado is a Greek beef stew that is slowly cooked with lots of onions and spices. If you want to have a true taste of Corfu, this yummy beef stifado recipe will make that happen.

Tavce Gravce is ready!

North Macedonian Food

A small and new country, you might not think of North Macedonia as a culinary powerhouse. And, well, you’d be right. But they make an amazing bean stew!

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Portuguese food in Madeira: the legendary scabbard fish with banana

Portuguese Food

If Nando’s is the limit of your Portuguese food knowledge, then buckle up because things are about to get interesting.
Madeiran banana fish anyone?

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Easy Pastel de Nata Recipe

Portuguese custard tarts are amazing. If you’ve been wondering how to make pastel de nata, look no further than this easy pastel de nata recipe.

Madeiran Banana Fish Recipe

Madeira has a peculiar delicacy. Banana and fish don’t appear to go together at first, that is, until you try this amazing local dish, ‘espada com banana.’

Slavic Food

Slavic food comes from a wide variety of places and cultures. From Russia to Ukraine, Bulgaria to Poland, we’ve collected the best Slavic recipes that are popular amongst many countries of the region.

An authentic manti recipe, with the dumplings topped with dill

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Momma’s Tasty Borscht Recipe

To recreate the authentic borscht taste, you need to have a borscht recipe from a local. Luckily, my mom’s recipe has been passed down to me!

🎄Christmas Recipes🎄

Christmas Food

With Christmas closing in, we’re gathering some of our favourite Christmas recipes so you can try something new this festive season. Homemade mulled wine anyone?

Two glasses of mulled wine under festive Christmas decorations.

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Matt and Yelena at the viewpoint over Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia

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