Slavic Food

Slavic food encompasses a wide variety of countries and cuisines. While we thought about trying to create a recipe section for each country, there are too many crossovers, particularly in Slavic regions, to make it worthwhile. From Bulgaria to Bosnia, Macedonia to Slovakia, Russia to Ukraine, traditional Slavic food is as varied as its people, culture, and countries. The region stretches from the borders of Greece up to Poland, and then across the depths of Russia.

Some countries will have their own pages, but dishes that are popular in multiple Slavic countries will be featured here instead.

While Matt has lived in Bulgaria for one year, and travelled through Eastern Europe several times, Yelena is the real Slavic food expert. Her family descends from the region so she has learned many of these recipes directly from them, rather than as a tourist trying to emulate them. The various methods of making Slavic food are in her blood, and this adds an authentic (read: tasty) effect that you just can’t get elsewhere.

Here are some of our favourite Slavic recipes!

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Momma’s Tasty Borscht Recipe

To recreate the authentic borscht taste, you need to have a borscht recipe from a local. Luckily, my mom’s recipe has been passed down to me!