42 Best Things To Do In Corfu, Greece

From lush greenery to turquoise waters, stunning sunrises to jaw-dropping sunsets, Corfu has something for everyone. Whether you want to go hiking, scuba diving, or just relax on the beach with a good book, there are so many things to do in Corfu that it’s impossible to get bored. For culture lovers, it even has its own UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because of its endless variety, it’s often recommended to make time for it if you’re planning a bigger trip to Greece.

The second largest Ionian island, Corfu was one of the first Greek islands to garner the attention of mainstream tourism – and it’s not something that was necessarily a good thing at the time. My first novel, set in 1980s Benitses, uses Greek mythology to retell the events of the tourist boom and the effect it had on Corfu island. That, and the sexual shenanigans of Zeus. If it sounds like something you’d like to read on your beach day in Corfu, it’ll be published in paperback before the 2023 holiday season begins.

More importantly than the book, Corfu is where Yelena and I first met. It’s where we had our first date, our first kiss, and our first taste of adventure together.

To fully experience the beauty of Corfu and have the freedom to explore its hidden gems, renting a car is highly recommended. With your own wheels, you can easily navigate the island, visit stunning beaches, explore traditional villages, and create your own unforgettable adventure.

With that said, if you’re looking for the best things to do in Corfu, you’ve come to the right place.

42 Things To Do In Corfu

1. Hike Down to Porto Timoni

Nestled on the north-west coast of Corfu island, Porto Timoni is a gorgeous twin beach that you can only get to by foot. If you’re driving, you’ll have fun trying to find a spot in Afionas to leave your car. The later in the afternoon you arrive, the further you’ll have to walk to reach the beaches.

Ideally, come early and bring a picnic. It’s the perfect spot to spend a day swimming, sunbathing, and soaking in the view. There are even a few short trails that go past the two beaches to a third beach and a small, unassuming church.

2. Watch the Sunset from Peroulades

The famous sunset view from 7th Heaven in Peroualdes, Corfu.

One of the best things to do in Corfu is watch the sun melt into the sea. When watching the sunset in Peroulades, there are a few options. Most people recommend 7th Heaven, the snazzy restaurant that overlooks the sea. While the view is undeniably gorgeous, the place is usually booked well in advance, it’s expensive, and there’s normally a lot of people at the viewpoint.

Instead, you can head towards the village until you come across Taverna Sunset. This local place does amazing Greek food; if you order something, the owner will let you up onto the roof to watch the sunset away from the crowds. When you come back down afterwards, your traditional Greek dinner will be ready. And for a fraction of the cost of 7th Heaven. I had an authentic Greek moussaka when I was there and couldn’t have been happier.

3. Wander the Streets of Corfu Town

Corfu Town is the first port of call for many arriving on the sunny island of Kerkyra. Corfu old town is a cute maze of cobbled streets and medieval churches that you won’t want to miss. If you’re looking for things to do in Corfu, Greece, that have a little culture, then the old town of Corfu Town is where you’ll want to be.

Did you know? The whole of Corfu old town is a UNESCO world heritage site.

St. Spyridon Church

Built in the 1580s, this Greek Orthodox church houses the relics of Saint Spyridon. It’s one of the most famous religious sites of any Greek island and has the tallest bell tower in the Ionian islands. Many Orthodox Christians come to Corfu specifically to celebrate the life of Saint Spyridon.

Old Fortress

Located in the heart of the old town, the Old Fortress is a Venetian fortress from the sixteenth century that covers the original Byzantine old town of Corfu. With a rich history, and plenty of stunning views over Corfu Town, the Old Fortress is a great place to spend half a day.

New Fortress

The New Fortress is also found in the old town of Corfu Town. Despite it being labelled “new”, the New Fortress is only a few decades younger than the Old Fortress. It’s also Venetian and from the top, you can get amazing panoramic views of Corfu Town and the surrounding waters.


The central square of Corfu Town, this area is usually used as a meeting point for locals. From here, you can stroll down one of the many side streets and get off the tourist trail and into the authentic side of Corfu old town. You can also pick up some ice cream or delicious baklava.

Archaeological Museum of Corfu

Soak up the culture of Corfu at your own pace. Learn about the history of this magnificent Greek island, from Odysseus to pirate attacks.

Museum of Asian Art

The Museum of Asian Art is the only museum in Greece dedicated to Asian art. The palace that holds the exhibitions is a work of art in its own right. It holds over 10,000 pieces of art in its fifteen rooms.

4. Explore Paleokastritsa Bay

One of the most picturesque beaches in Corfu island, Paleokastritsa is a must-see. The water is crystal clear here which makes it great for snorkelling. In the rocky areas, you’ll see plenty of sea urchins so watch where you put your feet. You can go on a boat trip from here to Paradise beach, a gorgeous strip of sand not accessible from land.

5. Chill in La Grotta Lounge and Pub

Rather stay on land? Head to La Grotta Lounge and Pub to experience the luxury of a bar from inside a cave. They have their own small beach and swimming area too.

6. Visit the Corfu Aquarium in Paleokastritsa

While I’ve not been here personally, I have been offered flyers after parking in Paleokastritsa. You will walk past it on the way to the monastery. If you want to see the underwater life of Corfu up close and personal, but you don’t want to go diving, this is the spot for you. A standard ticket is just over €6.

7. Admire the Views from the Ruins of Angelokastro Castle

The view over Angelokastro from above.

A stunning clifftop castle, Angelokastro is just a few kilometres from Paleokastritsa. If it’s not too hot and you’re up for a hike, you can walk from Paleokastritsa Bay.

If you have a car, driving is the easier way and you’ll pass by the village of Lakones on the way. Stop at the Bella Vista restaurant and order their famous portokalopita, an orange and syrup pie that goes perfectly with ice cream. Enjoy with a panoramic view over Paleokastritsa, then carry on to Angelokastro.

EU citizens under 25 can enter for free (without checks when we were there), while non-EU or those above 25 pay €3.

8. Hike Around Kanoni

A beautiful area on Corfu’s east coast, Kanoni is a hilly area near the airport and just south of Corfu old town. From Kanoni, there’s an iconic view over Vlacherna Monastery and Mouse Island.

9. Visit Vlacherna Monastery

When you visit Vlacherna Monastery, you’re also gonna be in a prime spot for plane-spotting. Located a stone’s throw across the lagoon from the airport, Vlacherna Monastery is a cute spot to go to when visiting Corfu. See if you can capture the perfect shot of the plane as it goes overhead.

10. Hop on a Ferry to Mouse Island (Pontikonisi)

A short boat trip from Vlacherna Monastery is the nearby Mouse Island. Known locally as Pontikonisi, Mouse Island has a monastery of its own. This tiny island is what dream Corfu postcards are made of. The ferry there takes all of ten minutes and costs just a couple of euros.

11. Take a Day Trip to Paxos

Lakka, Paxos, a gorgeous island destination near Corfu

Paxos is a small island off the south coast of Corfu. There are a few small towns where you can get some mouth watering seafood, and there are several beaches you can check out too. Most day trips will spend a few hours here, and if you’re lucky, you can see dolphins from the side of the boat.

12. And Antipaxos…

If you want to go island hopping around the Ionian Sea, you can include Antipaxos in your Paxos boat trip. Most tours will visit both anyway. Antipaxos is even tinier than Paxos. The whole island is only 5 km².

13. Explore Sisi’s Achilleion Palace

Achilleion Palace, home of princess Sisi of Austria

A popular tourist destination on Corfu island, the Achilleion Palace used to belong to the Austrian Empress, Sisi. It was her summer residence that she named after her favourite hero from Greek mythology, Achilles. In the palace gardens, you’ll find palm trees as well as plenty of statues dedicated to the Trojan War and other Greek epics.

14. Sample the Fresh Seafood at Benitses

Originally a fishing village, Benitses was crawling with tourists during the 1980s. Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants were erected all down the main strip until the tour operators decided overnight that they were going to take their tourists – predominantly from the UK – to Kavos. Just like that, Benitses was abandoned. You can still find relics from the past that haven’t been touched in over 30 years.

Nowadays, this quaint little village is ideal for a romantic getaway. More for couples than rowdy teens, Benitses has some of the best restaurants in all of Corfu. Try the local fish at traditional taverns like Paxinos or Kalimataria (and you’ll usually get the best cheesecake ever with the bill!). All this great food comes at a price though: there are no sandy beaches in Benitses.

15. Get a Little Crazy in Kavos

If you’re wondering where to stay in Corfu to have some quality parties, Kavos is your best bet. If you’re more into peace and seclusion, you might argue that Kavos is one of the places to avoid in Corfu. It’s like marmite: you either love it or you hate it.

16. Paraglide Over Sidari Beach

The cliffs and interesting rock formations near Sidari, Corfu.

Pump your veins with adrenaline and take flight over Sidari Beach on a paragliding tour. Sidari itself is a popular resort town that has some of the top attractions, including secret coves, unique rock formations, and a lovely sandy beach.

17. Swim Through Canal D’amour

Sidari Beach, near Canal D'amour.

One of the most beautiful beaches in all of Corfu, Canal D’amour beach is a slice of pure paradise. Near to Sidari, Canal D’amour is steeped in mystery. According to a local legend, if two people swim through the narrow Canal D’amour, they’ll fall in love.

18. Chill Out at Glyfada Beach

The view from Glyfada Beach, Corfu

Another stunning sandy beach, ideal for swimming, is Gylfada beach. Located on the west coast of the island, just 16km west of Corfu Town, Glyfada Beach is considered the main beach for locals that live in the capital.

19. Relax in Kassiopi Village

Kassiopi fortress as seen from across the bay.

A lively resort on the northeast coast, Kassiopi is around one hour’s drive from the airport. The largest village in the area, Kassiopi is another fishing village with delicious food. If you want to explore Corfu thoroughly, then you’ll certainly pass through here at some point. An idyllic setting surrounded by natural beauty, Kassiopi and the neighbouring village of Ag Stefanos are within touching distance of Albania.

20. Enjoy Some Family Fun at Aqualand

One of the best things to do in Corfu for families, Aqualand is a water park that has water slides, rides and a lazy river for those that just want to chill. Positioned in central Corfu, it’s easy to find and you can get there on a bus from Corfu Town. There are plenty of tables for if you want to bring a packed lunch, or you can find plenty to eat at the food outlets.

Aqualand tickets range from €20-30 depending on your age.

21. Take a Day Trip to Albania

The Blue Eye near Theth, Albania

If you have several days in Corfu and you’re wondering if there’s enough things to do in Corfu for you, then you can rest assured that Albania is only a few kilometres away. For the adventurous out there, the ferry from Corfu Town takes around 30 minutes and costs around €20 one-way. This will take you to Saranda, a gorgeous sea-side town where you can experience a completely different culture and cuisine.

If you have more time, I definitely recommend exploring more of Albania.

22. Kick Back in Agios Georgios

Amazing view over Agios Georgios.

Agios Georgios is a small resort on the northwest coast of Corfu island. Only 1 hour on the A7 bus from Corfu Town, Agios Georgios is one of the most stunning beaches in all of Corfu. You can hire sun loungers if you fancy a chill day, or you can get a little adventurous with some water sports. The choice is yours.

23. Join an Olive Oil Tasting Tour

Similarly named, but on the southwest coast, Agios Gordios is a beautiful resort surrounded by olive groves. As there are so many olive trees nearby, it’s a great place to try olive oil tasting. In fact, an olive oil tasting tour is widely regarded as one of the best day trips you can do from Corfu Town. I’m not a huge olive fan, so I’m not convinced.

There are plenty of tours you can book online or in the various agencies you’ll find in the village.

24. View the Underwater Beauty whilst Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can be done from multiple places in Corfu, with Paleokastritsa usually being the first choice. They run dives for beginners and experts alike. This was the first place I ever went scuba diving and they were super helpful, especially when water kept going into my mask during the practice phase.

25. Blow Your Mind with Views from Agii Deka

A traditional village in the mountains, Agii Deka has some of the most beautiful views in all of Corfu. You can see the airport, Corfu old town, the sea, mainland Greece, Albania, and seemingly everything else. Sample local cuisine at a little taverna here and soak in the view. It’s a great pit stop on hikes up the mountain from Benitses.

26. Go for a Dip at Arillas Beach

Arillas Beach is a fantastic northwestern beach in Corfu.

Arillas is another lovely beach on Corfu’s west coast. Situated on the way from Porto Timoni to Peroulades, it’s a great place to include in a day trip to the northwest. Pop here for some lunch and an afternoon dip. If you stay for longer, you can make use of the little bench at the end of the pier. It’s a great place to sit and soak in the sun before diving into the refreshing sea.

27. Snorkel in the Blue Lagoon

One of the best things to do in Corfu – or on any Greek island – is to go snorkelling. On route to mainland Greece, the Sivota Islands are a handful of little islands just off the coast of Sivota, or Syvota. It’s here where you’ll find the Blue Lagoon, a clear water spot that is just perfect for snorkelling.

28. Find Quiet and Seclusion at Halikounas Beach

Sunset over Halikounas Beach, Corfu

One of the longest and best beaches on Corfu’s west coast, Halikounas offers a wide range of water sports as well as great swimming and sun bathing spots. Unlike most beaches in Corfu, Halikounas does not have a village nearby. There is one bar that rents out sun loungers, but otherwise the entire beach is pristine. If you’re looking for secluded beaches, Halikounas might be exactly what you’re after. Stroll away from the crowds and you’re sure to find yourself a quiet spot.

29. Hop to Mainland Greece

If you’re heading over to the Blue Lagoon, why not hop to mainland Greece while you’re at it. While there are plenty of day trips that you can run from Corfu (to Meteora, for example), one of the most common is Parga. There are ferries that go to Igoumenitsa several times every day. You can head there and take a bus, or you can book through a tour agency that will ship you straight to your destination.

30. Climb Mount Pantokrator

906 metres high, Pantokrator Mountain is the highest peak on Corfu, Greece. From the summit, you can see the entirety of Corfu island, as well as the coast of Albania. The Pantokrator Loop is just over 7 miles, the trail starting and ending near Petalia in the northeast.

31. Sample the Local Cuisine

A traditional pastitsada recipe made from a local Corfiot chef!

While we’ve already mentioned a few places that are great for trying the local cuisine, you’ll be able to find traditional Corfiot food all over the island. Look out for pastitsada, stifado, and sofrito. Or if you’re more into baked goods, try spanakopita, the Greek feta and spinach pie.

32. Bask in the Beauty of Cape Drastis

Wedged in the northwesternmost tip, between Peroulades and Sidari, you can find Cape Drastis. Like something straight out of a movie, Cape Drastis is a sheer cliff with unique rock formations that jut out of the sea.

33. Go for a Walk in Nature

One of the ultimate things to do in Corfu is go for a long walk into the hills. You’re sure to see hundreds of Corfu’s famous cypress trees dotted along the hillsides, not to mention dozens of olive groves. You might even get lucky and come across some fig trees.

34. Ride the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

If you want to see Corfu Town the tourist way, there’s a bus just for you. The hop-on hop-off bus takes you to all the major sites, including Corfu Town, the Achilleion Palace, and Kanoni. You’ll get multilingual audio commentary from aboard the bus. Make sure you don’t forget to check out Corfu souvenirs too.

35. Explore the Ruins of Old Perithia

Known as Corfu’s oldest village, you can’t get any more traditional than Old Perithia. Originally a hideaway from pirate attacks, Old Perithia has always had at least 2 inhabitants. It was mostly reclaimed by nature after it was abandoned in 1968. Located at the foot of Pantokrator Mountain, it’s a beautiful place to visit on a walking tour. There’s also a bee farm there where you can pick up some unique and organic honey.

36. Go Sailing Around the Island

A boat trip to the caves near Paxos won't be forgotten

Rent a boat and circle the coastline from the sea. When coming to Corfu, things to do in the sea should be top of your list. You can visit some of the smaller, rocky islands, or jump off your boat and go for a swim without the people. You can rent pedal boats from most of the seaside towns if you don’t feel up for a proper boat.

37. Catch Some Rays at Issos Beach

If you’re wondering what to do in Corfu, there’s never too many beach days. Issos beach is another reason why beautiful Corfu is visited year after year by tourists from all over the globe. Popular among Italians, Issos beach is south of Halikounas and home to a small Corfiot village, Ag Georgios.

38. See the White House of the Durrells in Kalami

The White House of the Durrells, Corfu

If you know the Durrells, you’ll know that their house is still standing near the town of Kalami. It might be hard to find a parking spot nearby, but if you’re a fan of the books or the show, you’ll want to visit here. It’s the best place in Corfu for fans of the Durrells.

39. Ropa Valley Golf Course

Are you planning where to go in Corfu based on your golf game? Ropa Valley golf course is the only course in Corfu so you’ll want to plan accordingly. It’s in the centre of the island, just west of Aqualand.

40. Rent a Bike and Cycle the Island

You can rent bikes in all the resort villages and towns. Cycling between them shouldn’t be hard either. There are plenty of traditional taverns to tide you over, and you’re sure to find some secluded beaches by getting off the beaten track. It may be a little hilly to cycle in-land, but the coastal region should be smooth.

41. Cut Through The Forest to the Old Aqueduct

Exploring the old aqueduct near Benitses, Corfu

Rarely talked about, the old aqueduct of Corfu is fairly easy to get to if you know where to look. It’s part of the old Corfu trail, some of which has been removed because of the Achilleion Palace grounds. When I last hiked here, I went from Argo Hotel, near the plane bridge, but I had a local draw me a map. Ask around for specific directions when you’re there. Chances are you’ll have the aqueduct to yourself.

42. Explore the Abandoned Buildings of Corfu

As mentioned earlier, Benitses was abandoned overnight in the 80s. There are still some abandoned buildings that a budding explorer may be able to access if they so desired. Due to Covid, some hotels have been abandoned in more rural areas of the island too.

You can find all sorts of weird and wonderful things inside: from fully stocked bars to pool tables to creepy kitchens with bloody handprints (I’m looking at you Benitses Bay View). Some places are just like walking back into the 80s, with postcards, newspapers, menus and god-knows-what-else all lost to time. Just be warned that this, strictly speaking, isn’t legal, and we don’t advise you to forcibly break in. If the place is clearly abandoned and the door is open, it’s fair game in our book.

What Will You Do In Corfu?

We hope this post has given you enough inspiration for things to do in Corfu. If you want more details about what to see in Corfu, check out some of our other Corfu blog posts. You can also take a look at our Greek recipes!

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