Why Visit Greece?

Greece, the home of philosophy, democracy, and sprawling mythologies, is one of the best countries to visit in Europe. Not only is it full of things to do for history buffs, but it has some of the most beauiful landscapes on the continent. Besides the Scandanavian countries, Greece is the country with the most islands in Europe. In other words, Greece has the most islands that are suited for summer weather.

Oh, and it’s impossible to introduce Greece without mentioning their exquisite cuisine. From moussaka to souvlaki, pastitsada to stifado, kleftiko to sofrito, Greece is a foodie’s heaven.

Flights to Greece

Flights to and from this south-eastern European country are relatively cheap, depending, of course, on where you are flying to and from specifically.

Thessaloniki (on the northeast coast) has a Ryanair base and many cheap flights go there. You can usually reach most of the islands without breaking the bank too. Athens is also a good air base, but you’ll rarely get the dirt cheap £9-19 flights that you often do for Italy, Spain, and other Western European countries.

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