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From tropical islands to bustling cities, arid deserts to snow-capped mountains, get all your travel inspiration and motivation here.

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All types of travellers can gain something from our guides. Whether you’re backpacking solo around the globe, hitchhiking and couchsurfing, or island hopping on cruises and staying in luxury city hotels, these travel guides will help you see more, do more, and pay less. You can also get a taste of your chosen destination before you go with our international recipes.

When we have more countries added to the website, we’ll include an interactive map for you to choose from.
In the meantime, scroll down to find travel inspiration, or read our travel stories for a more personal take!

North America

From the snaky Central America all the way up to the Canadian north pole, North America has tons to offer.


Mexico is a non-stop avenue of adventures. From turquoise waters to misty mountains, stunning volcanoes to ancient ruins, you can’t get bored in Mexico.


From the snowy Arctic to the Mediterranean Sea, this compact little continent is rammed full of countries with different languages, cuisines, histories and sites.

Which European country appeals to you?


Discover the ancient wonders of Greece, a Mediterranean beauty with thousands of islands and near-endless coastline.

Temple of Apollo in Corinth, Greece

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A small country tucked in between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal has a delicious cuisine, a number of gorgeous islands, and super friendly people.

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Turkey is a massive country with a rich history. Whether you’re gonna be exploring Istanbul, lazing on a beach in Antalya, or venturing into the wilderness of Cappadocia, our Turkey travel guides will help.

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Matt and Yelena at the viewpoint over Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia

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