Travel Stories

Read all about our wacky adventures as we gallivant around the globe.

Stories are born when you do something out of the ordinary. When you’re travelling, every day is out of the ordinary. You’re constantly doing something new: trying new foods, seeing new places, meeting new people. Everyone you meet has a crazy travel story or three. This page is a collection of our travel stories.

Some will be funny, some will be shocking, and some might even be sad. As much as the travel life appears to be all fun and games from behind the lens of Instagram, there can be a lot of shit involved too. Our travel stories will include the good and the bad, with as much truth and as little glorification as possible.

From accidentally wandering into a funeral in a remote Indonesian village where they dig up the dead and dance with them, to being held at knife-point in the middle of Bogota, Colombia; from being stoned by Palestinian kids who wanted money, to retching my guts up on an island in the middle of a Bolivian lake; from finding a bloody handprint in the basement of an abandoned Greek hotel, to bathing with a shaman in the Amazon during a storm; our travel stories will span the globe.

We have stories from a childhood in rural Siberia, and tales from a toilet that span 5 continents. Check them all out here.

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Thailand Tried To Kill Me

Share the shit to let other people know that walking around a huge island without water under the midday sun is a bad idea, or that eating out-of-date bugs should be avoided, or that they should probably see a doctor after being bitten by a monkey. How else will people learn these critical lessons?

The Visa Runs

Being sick is never fun. But being sick alone in a hole-in-the-floor toilet in a country that most people have never even heard of… well, that’s considerably less fun.

Old Perithia, Corfu: A Complete Guide

Old Perithia, a.k.a the Ghost Village of Corfu, was abandoned in the 1960s. Since then, the buildings fell into disrepair. You can wander the streets of the oldest village in Corfu, seeing it exactly how it was more than half a century ago.

Tales From a Toilet Abroad

Travelling isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes you get sick. Sometimes you get really sick. Sometimes you get so sick that you paint the walls. These are travel stories – without the nostalgia.